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WinTel Communications Corporation
Premiere Global Authorized Agent

Premiere GlobalAudio and Web Conferencing Services

WinTel Communications was established in June 1993 and grew rapidly into one of the Telecom Industry's primary master agents. In time, WinTel expanded its relationships to include Premiere Global Services and successfully evolved into one of their largest master agents. Premiere Global, the world leader in audio conferencing and web conferencing and collaboration, delivers solutions to approximately 60,000 corporate accounts, including a majority of the Fortune 500.

The WinTel organization has partnered with agents across the United States to provide quality, tailor-made web conference consulting and face-to-face customer support in all major markets. Our agents are highly trained in all areas of conference calling and web conference solutions. View a demo of the ReadyConference Plus web conferencing system and then sign up online today. Call (212) 532-2300 or contact us by e-mail for more information.

Video Conferencing

Focus Business Optimized Video Conferencing is a web-enabled video application that offers users convenient, high quality meetings from virtually anyplace. Users may easily control how they view the meeting, objects and its surroundings. All that's needed for a secure meeting is a computer and broadband internet access.

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