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WinTel Communications Corporation
Premiere Global Authorized Agent

WinTel Works for You!

In today's world changes in the telecom landscape have been rapidly paced, with carriers merging, exiting the industry or becoming financially unstable. At WinTel, we're in touch with the market, professionally guiding our clients.

WinTel serves corporate America with quality telecommunications products and services, from traditional to leading edge solutions. We create added value by drawing on our knowledge and experience.

The cornerstone of WinTel's service in representing our clients is Independence -- our ability to deliver a full range of quality suppliers, something that a representative of just one company cannot do. WinTel pledges continuing involvement, advising and serving as client advocate.

These strengths position WinTel to identify the best business solutions, providing clients' staff with assistance, when and as needed.

In the era of converged voice and data communications as issues of individual privacy rights and corporate security obligations grow more complex, WinTel continues through its second decade, delivering real benefits in a dynamic new world. Why not let WinTel work for you?

WinTel's offerings include infrastructure, equipment and carrier services:

  • All voice traffic, traditional and VOIP
  • All data products and network services
  • Audio Web and video Conferencing
  • Advisory services
  • Voice and data communication equipment, installation and maintenance
  • Cost recovery audits