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WinTel Communications Corporation
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ReadyConference Plus Web is ideal for web conferencing needs of every kind -- from small, impromptu online meetings to large presentations of major media events.

View a demo and then sign up online today, or call (212) 532-2300 or contact us by e-mail for more information.

ReadyConference Plus Web -- an integrated, on-demand web meetings tool that allows you to conduct convenient and cost-effective meetings with the audio and web features you need most:

  • Dedicated dial-in number, passcode, and Web link: use anytime, from anywhere 24/7.
  • Easy online signup.
  • Easy to use; requires no complex training. Manage your entire meeting from one screen.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Add Visuals on Demand: supports full PowerPoint functions, including audio and video.
  • Access and store numerous presentations from your own online library.
  • Cost-effective: A low per-minute rate. Separate price for Web and audio, so you can use one or both.

WinTel Communcations also offers ReadyCast (WEBEX) -- a web conferencing service that's perfect for small work sessions, such as online team meetings, brainstorming sessions, support sessions, etc. ReadyCast (WEBEX) web conferencing can be used in conjunction with ReadyConference, our automated teleconferencing solution.
Netspoke Web Conferencing

Netspoke Web conferencing allows you to engage your audience, deliver compelling visual presentations, brainstorm with others, and immediately gauge feedback all in a simple, real-time environment. Connect with your colleagues, clients, and prospects with ease.

  • Thin client
  • Shared PowerPoint
  • Application Sharing
  • Video Integration
  • SSL Encryption
  • Live Help