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Streaming Audio and Video

Get the Power and Reach of a Radio or Television Broadcast at a fraction of the cost!

Webcasting is broadcasting audio or video over the Internet. It allows you to involve your audience with Q&A and polling to create an experience that is both interactive and measurable while providing your organization with immediate feedback while the event is in progress. Our Webcasting platform provides your organization with a secure, accessible, and cost effect way to increase the visual impact of your presentations, product launch, or business announcement!

Lower Costs & Increase efficiencies by:

  • Increasing the size of your audience
  • Extending your reach to any location
  • Extending the life of your event with archived viewing
  • Reaching your audience under any conditions
  • Providing interactive communications

Webcasting is simple and effective, contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our event coordinators

We provide complete end-to-end production & technical management:

  • Advance Event Planning & Coordination
  • Event and Registration Web Page Design
  • Pre-event end-to-end Testing & Rehearsal
  • Post-event Reporting, Editing, & Archiving
  • Full In-house Video Production & Editing
  • Optional Satellite & Fiber Downlink

Ready to get Started? Contact us for more information and see results today!